Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to Know Instantly If an Gmail or Outlook Address Exists or Not

There are many ways to ensure that a email address exists or not, but no other way is as faster as the approach that we will explained below to know the existence of a gmail and outlook email address instantly.

 How to Validate the Existence of a Gmail Address: 


Step 1: We will try to login with the email address that needs to be checked. Go to the Gmail Login page i.e.

Step 2: Enter the email address for which you need to check and then click on next and you will get to know if the email address mentioned by you does exists or not.

Here is a example, We need to check for a dummy email address ( which doesn't exists.

Step 3: You get the error i.e. Sorry, Google doesn't recognize that email. as shown in pic above, if the email address doesn't exists.

And if the email address was valid then it will ask for the password, Hence verified.

How to Validate the Existence of a Outlook Address:


Step 1: To know existence of outlook address, Rather then logging in as we did for Gmail, We will directly go to forget password page

Step 2: Select forget password as shown in the pic above, and then enter the email address as shown below to recover your account.

Step 3: If the email address is incorrect, you will get the error as shown above i.e. Try entering your Microsoft account again. We don't recognize this one.
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