Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to Expand YouTube Video Player to its Maximum Size in Any Browser.

We can always watch the videos from YouTube by doing full screen, but once the full screen is selected it covers your entire desktop area and all the existing Browser tabs and windows are no longer visible.

So here's is the trick to view YouTube video in the "Maximized State" so that it covers the browser area only.

Trick is replace the word "watch" in the video URL with "watch_popup", the video player will expand to fit your browser window and it wont cover the complete desktop as it was doing earlier in "Full Screen" mode.

The Trick will make more sense with the below example:

Before applying the Trick:

Original Video URL:

After applying the Trick i.e. To apply the trick you need to Change the Video URL by replacing watch with watch_popup:

Modified Video URL:

Also, Another advantage of this trick is that Resizing the browser window will also resize the YouTube Player, Thus it gives you more control over how you need to watch the Video.
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