Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to Remove Passwords from PDF Files with a Free Utitlity for Windows.

Many a times we get across PDF files, which are password protected and it is cumbersome to remember specific passwords for each and every file, so to resolve the problem we came across a free window utility to remove passwords from PDF files.

Below is the step by step guide to remove passwords from PDF file:

To explain process we have used a sample PDF file which is password protected with password as 'gotechnosavy.'.

Step 1. Download the program BeCyPDFMetaEdit, you can download installer or just exe setup file from the website.

Step 2: Open the Program and provide location of your PDF Files.

Step 3: Before selecting open ensure to change mode to "Complete Rewrite" as shown in the pic above.

Step 4: Then program will ask you to enter password for the respective pdf file.

Step 5: Got to security tab and then set the "Security System" to " No Encryption".

Step 6: Save the changes, now you will no longer require password to open a pdf file.

PDF Tool Download link
PDF Used above download link: Sample PDF Download link 

Password for PDF File: 'gotechnosavvy'

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