Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Send a Self-Destructing Messages using Burn Note to protect your privacy.

Burn Note puts you in control of your privacy. It features give you the power to message privately with anyone, the messages sent by you self destructs after appropriate timer, and even screen shots are useless due to it 's spot light features.Learn how real private messaging works.

Burn Note Philosophy 
Burn Note Features:

1. Set to Self-Destruct:

Ever worry about a message falling into the wrong hands? Every Burn Note is set to self-destruct. The Deletion Timer puts you in control of exactly when your Burn Note is deleted. The length of the Timer is automatically calculated from the message length. Adjust the Timer to add more or less time. Or just hit send. The Timer starts ticking the second your message is opened. Once a Burn Note is read, it's deleted. Forever.

2. Delete Completely:

Second thoughts after sending a message? You have the power to delete your Burn Note before it's opened.

When you delete a Burn Note, our system uses Multi-Device Deletion to delete your message everywhere. Multi-Device Deletion ensures that when you delete a Burn Note at anytime, it's deleted from everywhere — the device it's sent to, the device it's sent from, and our servers.

3.Spotlight Privacy:

Spending too much time looking over your shoulder? Our patent-pending Privacy Spotlight ensures your Burn Notes are safe from prying eyes and screenshot captures of the entire message.

The Spotlight renders screenshots virtually irrelevant by limiting what and how much information can be captured. And the Spotlight keeps private conversations over your computer, phone, or tablet private even if you're surrounded by family, friends, or co-workers.

4.Send to Anyone:

Want to send a private message to someone but not sure they use Burn Note? You can send a Burn Note to anyone. You don't need the app to receive a Burn Note.

You can send a Burn Note to any email address. The email will link to a Burn Note which can be read anonymously on the Web. You can also get a link to a Burn Note and use it elsewhere.

How to Use it?

Step 1: Sign up to Burn Note Website/App and then Create a Note:

Step 1 : Create a Note
 Step 2: Send Note to desired email address, or get the link and share it with the desired recipient :

Step 2: Send Note
Step 3: The Recipient will receive the Burn Note Link via email:

Step 3: Recipient Receives the Link

Step 4: Receiver click's on link, reads the message and then message self destructs as timer expires. Recipient wont be able to take a proper screenshot due to spotlight feature.

Where can I use Burn Note From?

Burn Note Website Link
Apple App Store App Link
Google Play App Link

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