Saturday, November 22, 2014

How to convert Time across zones using Google.

In a middle of a meeting, where you client says let schedule a meeting at 8am EST and your wonder what would be the local time, your colleagues at the same time try to figure out to calculate the local time taking into account day light savings and keep you client waiting for you answer.

We often face similar situation as above, so either we calculate and keep handy the difference in the time zones or look at the age old clock in our office. Or what if I tell you can calculate the time zone using Google, Yes you can use Google as a Time zone convertor to convert time zone by typing simple English as search keyword in Google.

Below are several examples where we have use Google to convert time zone using simple English:

1. 8am EST to India Time:

 2. 6am EST to Mumbai:

3. Convert 5pm EST to CST:

4. Convert 5am IST to EST:

5. It is 10am in Mumbai then time in New York is:

So Google solves our yet another problem, Thanks Google.
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