Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Write Tweets Longer than 140 Characters using Tall Tweets!

Tall Tweets will help you write tweets that are longer than 140 characters (see video demo). The tool will slice and publish your "long tweet" into smaller chunks of 140 characters or you can even publish the entire messages as an image.

What is Tall Tweets?

Tall Tweets will slice your tweet into multiple smaller tweets of 140 characters or less, and publishes them all to Twitter in a sequence. The tweets are numbered and are sent in a reverse arrangement such that they can be read from top-to-down inside any Twitter client.

Tall Tweets!

Also,You can choose to publish your long tweet as an image and in that case, the entire text gets published in a single tweet. The image tweets are rendered in the Roboto font (originally design by Google for Android) and thus the text in the images should be readable even on mobile screens.

Tweet As Image!
To get started, sign-in with your Twitter account, compose a tweet and hit publish. If there are hyperlinks in your tweet, they’ll be shortened using
Link - Talltweets
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