Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Innovative Pick Of the Day(#2):PrivaZer- Free System Cleaning Tool[Windows]

PrivaZer is a free to use Desktop application for Windows computers. The app is nearly 4.3 MB and runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 both 32bit and 64bit. 

You can use PrivaZer to scan any storage device on your computer. You can select how thorough the scan should be it has easy to use interface and customization for what items the software should look out for, for both home users as well as using the storage media at work  By the end of your scan, you are given a breakdown of each type of item that you can get rid of to clean your system and improve its performance.

What can i do with PrivaZer..??

1. See Exactly what can still be recovered of your past activities on your PC at home, at work.

2. Clean in-depth unwanted traces of what you've done watched, downloaded, deleted, etc.Prevent recovery.

3. Master your security & freedom Free up disk space.Keep your PC fit and secure!!!

Website For PrivaZer- http://privazer.com/
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