Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Let Your Site Visitors Remind Themselves About Your Site Via Email.

Do you want more traffic to your websites??Do you want loyal visitors?? Do you want visitors to come back to your website?? If your website has a lot of interesting textual content, visitors might not have the time to read it all. To help them out with this you can remind them of your website at a time of their choosing.
Adding such a reminder option to your site is what RemindThis does.

What is RemindThis..?

RemindThis is a simple website reminder which provides you with a few lines of code. You get this code after creating an account on the site and filling out your site’s details. Including the code in your site’s HTML will add a RemindThis button to your site. When visitors click it, they will see a small window just like in the image below. They can then choose to be reminded of your site via email and select the date of the reminder email. This simple action will help them check back with your website to continue reading where they left off or to check your site’s updates.

  •     A user friendly web service.
  •     Lets your site visitors remind themselves about your site.
  •     Reminders are sent via email.
  •     Visitors select the date of the reminder.
  •     Helps your site visitors check on your site’s updates.
Does a visitor really need a reminder to visit my website on another date? Why?

Yes, this is an important question which might come to your mind "Does a visitor really need a reminder to visit my website on another date" There are countless examples for cases in which a visitor wishes to visit the website in another time and will be happy to be reminded about it via e-mail.

For Example-
1. A visitor reaches a website offering a certain service late at night or during the weekend. The visitor is interested in speaking to the company’s representative by the phone to get further clarifications and join the service, but the service department only works business days between 08:00-17:00. Clicking RemindThis and setting a reminder for the next day or business day will allow the client to receive an e-mail with a reminder to visit the website.

2. A visitor reaches a virtual shop website and selects  a item but wishes to purchase it after some days, might be to give gift to someone on birthday, So visitor can use RemindThis and set a reminder for the suitable day to purchase the item

3.A visitor reaches a How-to Website or a Purchase Guide for let say ,Android Tablets, now visitor wishes to Consult Android Guide after some days, or use How to Guides After some time let say suppose after his exams, or on weekends he can set a reminder for the weekends or after his exams and thus will receive an email with a reminder to visit the website.

How To Add Remind This to My Website/Blog..?

Step 1- Visit www.remindthis.com and create an account, it hardly takes a minute to do so!

Step 2 - After Creating the Account, Login and Click on "Create Buttons", You will see various options to choose positions such as "Within webpage", "Bottom Corner", "Left Float", "Right Float" and various button styles as shown in image below.

Step 3-After Clicking Create Button ,you will get the code, paste it it your website, you have done!

Have you use some other website reminder for your visitors to increase traffic to your site/blog, Mention in Comments.
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