Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Edit Comments on Facebook.[New Feature]

Facebook is now rolling out a new feature that lets users edit their comments, before this feature, the only way for us to correct a typo or otherwise erroneous comment on Facebook was to remove the comment and start again, quite annoying for the long comments,
but now those days are gone.

The Social Network is giving users the ability to edit their comments, this feature has been made available to many users, and will be made available to remaining once in coming days.

When this new feature hits your page, instead of seeing the X button to remove a comment, you'll see a pencil icon, which gives you the ability to edit or delete a comment.

To Edit a Comment :

1. Hover over the comment and click.
2. Click edit.
3. Edit your comment.
4. Press enter or return to post your updated comment, or the esc to cancel.

When you edit a comment, you’ll see a note under your comment showing the time it was edited. Anyone who can see your comment can see this and click on the edited link to see what was changed.

Edit History For My Comment

Is this a feature you wish had been rolled out a long time ago? 
And Are you waiting for Facebook to roll out similar feature for editing Status..??

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