Sunday, May 20, 2012

How To Integrate Facebook Birthdays With Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is a very powerful and popular web-based calendar and a task manger.It is simple to use as well as allows it users to view multiple calendars, plan meetings etc.

On the Other hand, Facebook is the most popular social networking sites and almost everyone who is active on internet has a Facebook account, thus Facebook has a huge database of our friends birthdays.

So, it would be very convenient if we add Facebook birthday database with Google calendar itself, as well the database can also be added with other calendars programs such as Apple ical, Microsoft Outlook.

The Steps to Add Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendars are as Follow-

Step 1.Login with your Facebook Account.

Step 2.Click On Events tab on right hand side below the profile picture.

Step 3.Then Click on Birthday from the Drop Down List as shown in picture.

Step 4.Now, All upcoming Birthdays would be displayed, Now Click on Exports Birthdays from the drop down list as shown in the picture below.

Step 5.Now A Dialog box would appear with a webcal link, copy the link, either by selecting it or right-click and "Copy link location" after Copying it press Close.

Step 6.Go to your Google Calendar Account.On the left hand bottom  click on "Other Calendar" heading select Add By URL.

Step 7. Now A dialog box will appear paste the copied link form Facebook and then click on Add Calendar, within seconds the Facebook birthday calendar would appear.

Step 8.You Have Done!

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