Sunday, May 13, 2012

How To Find Your Friend's IP Address.

What is an IP Address..??
An IP address is a unique numerical label assigned to each device connected in a computer network such as internet, ip address is use for host identification and to find the locations of the computer in the network.

I found a simple method to get someone IP address, and once you get IP address of the person you can trace the location and many more.

You Can Also Use This Method to Find IP Address and Location of Your Friend on Facebook, Google talk or any other IM client.

This method involves Sending a Unique Link To your friend and when your friend clicks on the link, you will be able to see his IP.

Follow the Steps Below-

Step 1: Go to This Page IPTest, you will see 3 fields-

a). Link for person – Link that you need to message your friend.

For example my link was-

We can even hide this long url by tinyurl to make it short and credible
For example the same url shortens to
b). Redirect URL(optional) – Your friend will be Redirect to the Specified URL after he clicks the Link.

c). Link for you – This link is for you to check if your friend has clicked your link.

Step 2: Enter the Redirect URL (eg:

So when person clicks on your link he will get directed to, thus he would not doubt at all that you got his ip address, it is optional to redirect.

Step 3: Copy the link from ‘Link for person’ and send it to your friend via message or wall post

Step 4: Copy the URL from ‘Link for you’ and do check it frequently. You will get your friends IP if he or she clicks on your link.

Once you Got the Ip Address, Now what to do-

You can get the location of the person and the area and much more.

Use to trace the person.

Thus you can use this method to trace ip of any person, whosoever clicks on your unique link.


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