Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to Bundle and Share Multiple links in one URL.

Making bundles of multiple URL in one shortened URL is a useful feature and in addition to it if you have the choice to describe the URLs, see stats, customize the bundle title, add and remove URL according to your choice and make it public or private, is something you should give a try.

So Steps to Bundle and share Multiple links in one URL is as follows-

1. Head to

2. If  you don't have an account on, Create one for free, Account is needed to create bundles, if you want to just shortened a single URL you don't need an account.

Example of Bundle Created by Us

3. Click on Bundles.

4. Give a name to your bundle and add bit mark, i.e URL you want to be part of bundle.

5. So after adding URLs, click on share bundle to share it with Facebook, Twitter and Emails.

Our Bundle Link is -

6. You have done..:)

One useful feature of bundles is that each link from the bundle will include a rich media preview and click count. This prevents the phishers and spammers from misusing the service.

The complete bundle can also be customized with a title and description.

And, even the existing links can be bundled up to create a single URL by selecting the required ones among them.

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