Friday, April 13, 2012

How To Share Text, Images and Videos the Easiest way Online.

While Surfing the web i came across a amazing website, which allows us to share the text, images and videos the easiest and quickest way and the most important thing about this website is a simple interface, you would love to work on it. No Signups, No ads, Just Paste the text and Share it..!

Why is so Special..??

1. As the name denotes you just have to visit the website, paste the content and publish it.

2. It provides a text based editor where you can even copy paste the data from other website or word processor, text formatting and images will be preserved.

3.By Using "Upload Images" module you can easily add new graphics to your notes.

4. After Publishing you would get the link to share with others.You can also create custom links such as we have created one

5. Even after publishing you as the owner can edit the content.

6. Your Notes can be downloaded as pdf files also.

You Have Done:)

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