Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to Download & Listen the Audio Pronunciation of Words From Google.

Yes You can Listen and Download the Audio Pronunciation of English Words from Google as mp3 files and Listen and Practice them Whenever you Want.
There Are Two Simple Ways to Access the Google Audio Pronunciation Files-

1.You can search the word in the Google search, and then click on the audio icon displayed in-front of word as shown in picture below, by this you can listen the pronunciation of the word.

How to Download the mp3 file-

2.You can even Download the the pronunciation of the word in mp3 format by a simple trick, here you have to open the Url given below & replace the "WORD" with any English word pronunciation you want to download.

For Example we will look up for the word assassinate & download its pronunciation in mp3 format.

By this trick you can even download those English words whose audio pronunciation is yet not part of the Google definition search described in first method..!

You have done!    
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