Friday, March 9, 2012

How to use Email to Convert Files into Different Formats in seconds!

File conversion i.e converting file from one format to another is the thing, which we use often, so we have come up with a new option to convert files, on popular file conversion service Zamzar, which is quite different from traditional files conversion services.Here the advantage is that you can convert the files using email interface, in addition to the traditional upload the file,conversion into specified format,download them procedure.

eg., and then you will receive mail from them with the download link of the files, visit the download link and download your files, Complete steps are demonstrated below.

The additional advantage is if you have received files as email attachment from someone and need to convert them, you just have to forward to Zamzar, and you will receive a download link, thus in this way you get rid of additional downloading from email attachment & then uploading it to a file conversion service.
In this emerging world of iphone and android this service would really help..!

The Email Conversion Procedure of Files Involves Three Steps-

Step 1.Email the files to Zamzar-

To get started, you need to forward the input (source) files to a specific email address like, where format represents desired output file type.
For instance, if you have a Word document that you want to convert to PDF, you can send the file as an email attachment to If you have a PDF file that you want to convert into an ebook, the corresponding conversion address would be or depending on your ebook reader.

Here’s a complete list of input-output file formats that are currently supported by Zamzar. You can convert documents, presentations, ebooks, videos, audio files, archives and more.

For ex- i am converting a file test.docx to test.doc,test.pdf & test.txt format using Zamzar.
so i forwarded the file to the following address,, as shown in picture.


Step 2.You will receive the download link as Email-

So within few seconds you will receive the download link of files as a email from Zamzar.

Step 3.Download your Files-

For downloading files click on the link in email which you will recieve from Zamzar and thus download your files.

Step 4.You have done:)
Do share it..:)

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