Monday, June 6, 2011

How Multiple users can work on same document online with Typewithme.

type1Have you ever thought of a tool, by which multiple users can work  on same document,So here is Typewithme by which multiple users can work on same document, and moreover no registrations, no signups, free for all to use
and exchange information, which later can also be saved as a document, with multiple feature adding ease to work.
So here is complete guide to start your document with Typewithme.

Step 1- Go to Typewithme, and click to create a new document.

Step 2- Now when you have created a new document, You can start working on it, you can also invite more people to work on this document by sharing the url of this document , or you can click on share this button in the right pane, so invite more people and start working on document. 

type 3

Step 3-  Thus when you have invite your friends you can work simultaneously on this document, and can choose your text colors too to differentiate the text the multiple users have written, you can also use chat box to chat with your friends for discussion regarding your work.


Step 4- Thus when you have finished working on document you can save revisions too, you can also save document to hard disk by export tab, thus can save it as Microsoft word, pdf or any other desired format.


Step 5- You have done your work. Enjoy and share it!

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