Thursday, June 16, 2011

The best way to publish and share your files!

We quite often need to publish files on internet, or upload it, and share links with our friends so that they can too get a copy.

So to make your task easy I Found an amazing and cool service for sharing files on web.

This useful file sharing service is It is quite useful since-

1. You don't have to create account to use it, Just visit it,Select the file.

2. You can upload any number of files and most importantly of any type, any file size.

3. You will get the Sharing URL, as soon as sharing process is started.

4. It also allows you to share the files even if you are uploading it simultaneously.

5. You have done!

Now you can share your files instantly with your friends, no more searching for an uploading website on web, and no more email attachments, and it also doesn't restricts you with the file size!

You need not to sign up to upload your files, it would be there on the server for 30 days, and after it it would be removed, till 30 days with the sharing url any number of download are allowed.

You can even create a account for free, the advantage is file is not removed for 90 days, you can remove files even before 90 days and can even check the download statistics as well.

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