Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update your Facebook Status from Twitter with Selective tweets!

Hey Friends,this is amazing Facebook application called Selective Twitter Status to update your Facebook Status from Twitter but Only for the tweets you choose.It also works with Fan Pages - not just personal profiles!

Go to the Facebook Application  Selective Twitter Status , Enter your twitter username, then
End a tweet with #fb when you want it to update your Facebook status from Twitter - simple.

The points you should keep in mind while updating Facebook status from twitter is
- Avoid confusing your Facebook friends.
- Don't swamp your profile with too many updates
- Leave certain updates on Facebook for longer

This app is one of the few ways to sync from Twitter to a FB fan page.
You can now enjoy the convenience of syndicated posting without flooding your Facebook profile or public profile!

Note: It doesn't work if your Twitter updates are PROTECTED
There's usually a minute or two delay (no more) - be patient when you first try it!

Enjoy Social Networking..!!
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