Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to get direct permanent link to specific Facebook post or status.

It would be really amazing if we would just get direct link to a specific post or status on Facebook, which would be quite helpful to save the that Facebook link for future reference's or to forward it to a friends so as they can see the post or just distribute the particular post link..

You can get direct links in just few steps-
1. Go to the post, for which you want the direct link.
2. Right click on time parameter beneath the post.
3. Click on the copy link location.
4. Thus you got the link, now you can paste it anywhere as you wish.

Thus this is our Facebook page Gotechnosavvy, And it's a post, you can see how simple is to get a direct link.
Showing how to get a direct link.
Thus by right clicking we get the direct link i.e

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