Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HitMeLater: A Snooze Button For Your Email.

While surfing on the web, I found this amazing and cool service to snooze your email, this service is quite useful, and one of the best i found which let us snooze our emails, since while working, if we receive a email, but we could not read due to some other work, we were doing so to avoid the email to be buried in piles of other email and left unattended, just use this amazing service, no sign ups no registration, free to fulfill all our requirements.

How to use this cool service?
To use this cool service, the email which you want to snooze i.e read later, forward it to 24@hitmelater.com, it will be resend to you after 24hours (3@hitmelater.com sends it back three hours later). If you send it something it doesn't understand, HitMeLater sends back a polite email message saying “We’re not sure what you want.”
Thus you can Snooze email for nay number of minutes, and any number of hours.

Here are a few examples of addresses that you can forward email to-
You can use any time limit, 4 minutes, 20 minutes, 4hours, 5hours etc.
Minutes - 4minutes@hitmelater.com or 4m@hitmelater.com
Hours - 5@hitmelater.com or 5hours@hitmelater.com

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