Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get Offline Access to all your emails, Download them, Access them anytime, Anywhere!!

This is the important article for the users who don’t have internet access all the time, and for those who need to backup emails. In this article you will know how to backup emails and then read them offline. You can also store therm in a CD/DVD , Hard Drive, USB etc.and thus can access them anytime, anywhere offline.

Backup of email is also important for certain reasons-
1.If your email account gets hacked you will still have access to all your previous emails.

2. If you delete an important email from your mail Inbox by mistake, you can easily retrieve it from the online backup.

3. If the email service goes down (yes, it happens), you will still be able to read your older emails.

How to Backup emails :-

Step 1. You have to download MailStore software to archive your emails. The Software is free of cost.  Download Here

Step 2. Install the software.
Select Archive Email option.
Step 3. Add your email account, thus get a copy of all your mails in an archive.

Step 4. You are done.
Now you can easily check your emails offline anytime and anywhere.

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